About State Rep. Liz Pike


Representative Liz Pike has a consistent voting record to advocate for less government, lower taxes and more freedom! Liz introduced more than 40 pieces of legislation to help small business, lower taxes, reform state government and protect the safety of our citizens. “My bills were an aggressive approach to meaning government reform. Although I’ve had some success with my bills, I will not rest until more reforms are signed into law.”      -- State Rep. Liz Pike                                                             

Liz operated her own small businesses for more than 18 years. She owned and operated an advertising agency and a retail art gallery.  As an elected member of the Camas City Council, she advocated for lowering taxes and more government efficiency with a strong and consistent voting record of responsible fiscal policy.  Liz is the founder of the successful Camas First Friday Art Walk. 

Liz operates Shangri-La Farm, a small sustainable farm in Fern Prairie, was a volunteer co-organizer for the Washougal Farmers’ Market and is an avid promoter of the “buy local food” movement. 

Raised on a Brush Prairie dairy farm as one of 13 children, she is a graduate of Battle Ground High School and the Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute.  Early in her career, she worked for The Reflector Newspaper and has two grown children, Richard and Julianne. Liz is engaged to the love of her life, Neil Cahoon, a local aviator.

Liz is a former Divisional Board Member of Umpqua Bank and a current member of the National Rifle Association.

Liz ran marathons for more than 25 years and she is a Hawaii Ironman World Championship Triathlon finisher. She is an extremely hard worker and she wants to continue focusing her passion and energy to serving the citizens of the 18th District.

Less government, lower taxes,

more freedom!

Mother  Business Woman
Farmer  Sister  Volunteer
Artist  Friend  Conservative
State Representative