“We need more jobs, not more taxes!”

                                    - State Rep. Liz Pike

“Encouraging A Local

Food Community”

“A sustainable local food system has inspired my family to a life of environmental farming the way most of our grandparents did. At our Shangri-La Farm in Fern Prairie, we utilize biodynamic farming practices to grow our own free range meat, poultry, and organic vegetables, berries and fruits. Consumers deserve a choice of locally grown food that can be purchased through direct farm sales, local farmers’ markets and food co-ops without farmers’ fear of being shut down by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.  I’ll continue to work hard for common sense solutions so citizens may experience the satisfaction of knowing where their food comes from, meeting their farmer, and building a local, sustainable food community.  Together, we can make this a reality.

Faith Based Issues

“I am a pro-life State Representative.  When I was 13 years old, my mother took me out of school for the day to march on the steps of the Capitol in Olympia to protest Roe vs. Wade.  That event had a profound effect on my political life.”      

                                    - State Rep. Liz Pike

“I believe we can be good stewards of the environment, protect salmon runs and wildlife while reining in onerous rules and regulations that hurt small business in Washington State.  The only way to protect our farmland and forests is to protect farmers. I’ll continue to work for common sense solutions that preserve our quality of life while growing jobs to improve our economy.”            

                           - State Rep. Liz Pike

Less government, lower taxes,

more freedom!

Build Affordable Bridges Our Citizens Will Support

Liz has championed efforts to bring Oregon and Washington together to identify affordable cross river solutions. She is working everyday to improve freight mobility and provide congestion relief for the people of Southwest Washington. Liz understands that an effective and efficient transportation system is the cornerstone of a great economy. Liz will continue to put the will of our citizens first on all new bridge discussions!

Repeal Job Killing Regulations

Over the last decade, the Department of Ecology launched an assault on business.  It’s time to restore legislative oversight over bureaucrats in Olympia who’s only agenda is to stop growth and hurt small business. To grow jobs, we must change.

Reform State Government

We need accountability, high standards, efficiency, cost savings and most of all, customer satisfaction! It’s time to end state monopolies and encourage private sector competition. As a state, we have to change.

  1. Liz championed successful efforts to allow Clark County an alternative storm water compliance pilot project

  1. Liz sponsored several bills to change DOE’s oppressive storm water rules that require runoff to flow at the same rate as pre-European settlement standards

  1. Liz supports legislation to bring free market industrial insurance competition to our state

  1. Liz sponsored several bills to help our small business including a bill to limit time loss benefits for employees who are injured on the job as a result of intoxication from drugs and alcohol and another bill to permit local governments to opt out of prevailing wage requirements by a majority vote of their

I believe bold government reform will encourage private sector job growth.  We need Washington bureaucrats to get out of the way and let business flourish!”

                                                                - State Rep. Liz Pike

Reform Public Education

Washington State law guarantees every child a quality education. House and Senate Republicans have made school funding a top priority while implementing reform!  

We must fund Education first!  We need to convince Democrats to join with us to fund education first so that there's not a tendency on their part to leave it until last and then ask for tax increases to make up the difference.  Republicans have led the charge to put kids, parents, schools and taxpayers first!  Our public schools deserve our first dollar, not our last!

  1. More rigor in our academic standards for students

  2. Improve Washington’s 77% high school graduation rate

  3. Promote innovation and reward success

  4. Prepare every student for vocational training, college or the workforce

  5. Attract the brightest and best teachers and administrators

  6. Fund more science, technology, engineering and math programs

  7. Allow and promote innovative charter schools

  8. Attract pioneering academic leaders to improve our education system

Prioritize Spending, Protect Our Most Vulnerable

State government cannot do it all.  We must focus on what government can do best and then eliminate services the private sector can perform more efficiently. For the last 30 years, the same crowd has been running the show in Olympia.  We must send Liz back to our Capitol to promote free enterprise principals such as innovation, work ethic, cost consciousness and customer satisfaction.  As a state, we have to do better. Liz is proud of her voting record to:

  1. Shrink state government

  2. Provide tax relief to small business and senior citizens

  3. Fund support services to protect children in poverty, the elderly, disabled and mentally ill